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Innovations in Beauty The Next Big Thing

Innovations in Beauty: The Next Big Thing brands face a rapidly evolving consumer landscape and must innovate to stay competitive. This is especially true in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, as shoppers prioritized safe and clean products. Those that innovated during the crisis saw outsized gains in sales and were 2.9 times more likely to grow than those who pulled back. The NIQ BASES report, Innovating Out of Crisis, examines this trend and the innovations that beauty brands are pursuing to deliver a more personalized experience to consumers.

During the pandemic, consumers sought out more natural and pure ingredients in their skincare routines, using apps like INCIDecoder to track the ingredients of a product before purchase. Beauty brands responded by reformulating their products to be “free from,” cruelty-free, vegan, plant-based, eco-friendly in packaging and more. This trend led to the rise of a more holistic and mindful self-care, with people embracing a more authentic approach to beauty that embraces imperfections.

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As the era of quiet beauty emerges, cosmetic innovation moves beyond edgy enhancements to focus on nuanced understanding of individual needs and a commitment to well-being. Science-backed ingredients and efficacy-driven products lead the way, while transformative textures redefine the sensorial experience to create a fusion between functionality and style.

Beauty tech also aims to improve the in-store and online beauty shopping experience. Virtual mirrors enable hyper-personalization by superimposing makeup onto a customer’s reflection in real time, allowing them to experiment with different looks before making a purchase decision. These technologies can enhance the customer experience and boost engagement for cosmetics brands.

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