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Aluminium Joinery RestoredAluminium Joinery Restored is a new company whose motto is “The future of manufacturing lies in our partners”. Their products are made from high quality, heavy-duty aluminum and forged with extreme precision to insure that each part fits together like a well-oiled machine. They pride themselves on using the highest quality raw materials to ensure that each piece of the company’s work is perfect. It’s not enough to have a good name, it has got to be excellent too. They’ve spent quite a bit of money updating their company website to say the least. For more info view our website here.

How To Teach Aluminium Joinery Restored Better Than Anyone Else

The company website tells us, “In 2021, we made the decision to change the colour of our products back to our original colour and to bring back the shine that had been missing for so long. We also wanted to introduce a line of hand-painted, custom-designed accessories to really take our company forward. We owe all of those changes to our partners at Nano Color”. The company has teamed up with Nano Colour to create a range of accessories such as our famous monogrammed letter boxes and embroidered leather pen cases. For customers who wish to add a personal touch to something they already own, or have already received as a gift, there is also a wide selection of bespoke engraving available. For something different, we have a small selection of eco-friendly biodegradable picnic baskets, and canvas bags.

Aluminium Joinery Restored is definitely keeping up with the times. The new range of items they offer, designed by award winning jeweller, Helen Cumming, are sure to win plaudits not only from us but from all the fashion and home interior magazines out there. We can only hope that the newly revitalised company will keep up the good work for many more years to come. If they do, we could well see a resurgence in the use of faded joinery in our everyday lives.

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