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home remedies to make your vag smell and taste good

Your vagina (and vulva) naturally has a smell that’s both tangy and delicious. Your vagina’s signature odor comes from the Lactobacillus bacteria that live in it. URL:

The bacteria help to keep your vagina’s pH healthy and sanitary. They also fight infections and promote self-vaginal cleansing.

Some foods can help your vagina taste good and smell better, like garlic, asparagus, pineapple juice and berries. It’s important to note that too much of these foods can cause an imbalance in your vaginal flora, which can lead to bacterial vaginosis or other infections.

The Role of Probiotics in Managing Vaginal Fishy Smell

Certain medications can also change the way your vagina tastes and smells, especially during your period. Medicines like Mucinex can irritate your vagina, making it feel more tender and causing it to smell differently.

Other things can affect your vagina’s taste and odor, too. For example, heavy blood loss can leave your vag with a metallic taste that can take some time to get rid of.

There’s no surefire way to make your vag smell and taste better, but keeping it clean is the best way to make it healthy and enjoyable. Use a gentle and non-scented intimate wash on your vulva twice daily to keep it fresh and free of germs and smells.

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