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Despite claims of memory enhancement, the question of does Prevagen really work remains unanswered. The product company has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission for false advertising. Although Prevagen contains several ingredients that are claimed to improve memory, there is no evidence that it improves cognitive function. The company bases its claims on a placebo-controlled human clinical study. A recent review of the results of the study shows that there were no statistically significant improvements in memory. The FDA and the Alzheimer’s Association have not weighed in on the controversy.

The main ingredient of Prevagen is apoaequorin, which is derived from jellyfish. The substance has the same sequence as a calcium-binding protein, and the company claims that this will improve the product’s effect on memory. It is also important to note that while this ingredient can help improve memory, it will only work in certain situations. For example, it will not improve memory in older adults, so it isn’t a solution for every aging individual.

Another concern with Prevagen is its safety. The product has been linked to many side effects, including strokes, seizures, and memory impairment. Some of these effects have been reported by users of the supplement, but the FDA does not have any reports on how many side effects the product causes. While the FDA says that the drug has not caused any deaths, there are reports of strokes and seizures. In addition, it has been linked to memory loss, confusion, and chest pain.

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