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best mattress brands in India

Top 3 best mattress brands in India

#1. Sleepex. Undeniably, Sleepex is currently the leading mattress brand in India; it’s the biggest selling mattress and highly reputed by visitors. It is also ISO 9001 certified Company offering high-quality mattresses in India. It offers superior, quality products at prices that are affordable.


Number two. Coir mattress. One of the oldest brands of Indian mattress, coir mattress is a renowned brand of Indian mattress industry. It offers an exclusive range of products and is well-known for its high quality and sturdiness. The mattress is constructed of natural coconut shell and has been through numerous researches to ensure its durability and quality. The mattress is available in many sizes to suit individuals’ sizes and is easily obtainable at various online stores.


Number three. Mami Mahi. Also known as Mother Nature’s Own Pillow, the Mami Mahi is a great alternative for conventional mattress. The unique construction of the mattress offers smooth and comforting support to the body while sleeping. Available at affordable prices and easily available at online stores, the Mahi is one of the best selling Indian mattresses. Number five. Bonjour. Bonjour has a long history of manufacturing high quality, durable, and comfortable mattresses. Their products are designed to provide the best quality and comfort while providing exceptional support and value for money. They are available at various online stores and are known for their competitive price.

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