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The top ten international tourist attractions

The top ten international tourist attractions

The 2019 international scenic spots list has been selected by the friends. The small series excerpts the information about the top ten tourist attractions in the international attractions and shares with you. If you want to play, you may wish to go to the following places.


The famous water city of Venice is Italy’s most famous city and one of the most romantic travel destinations in the world. St. Mark’s Square is located in the heart of the city and is surrounded by the famous cathedral. If you are a cultural enthusiast, Venice has some of the most beautiful masterpieces in the world, and countless churches, museums and palaces are worth a visit; if you are romantic, you can take a punt to visit, but remember more Bring some money. It is best not to go to Venice in the summer, because summer visitors are the most.

  1. Amsterdam Canal

There are more than 2,000 “boat houses” on the Amsterdam River, although they are houseboats but fully equipped. You can truly appreciate the unique charm of the water city by visiting Amsterdam by glass boat. The boat sails through the famous river course, which …

Analysis of the causes of China’s High Housing Price

“The high point of stalemate, high hanging and not falling” is the trait of China’s housing prices, that is, China’s housing prices rushed up in 2009 and then hung there and rarely decreased. The root cause of this situation is that the imbalance between supply and demand in China’s real estate market makes it impossible for traditional price mechanisms to play their role in regulating the economy in the Chinese market. The root cause of this situation is that China’s land supply cannot be determined by the market, which leads to an imbalance in the supply and demand of the land market, which in turn affects the balance of supply and demand in the real estate market. Under the influence of speculative demand and rigid demand on people’s expectation of continued real estate growth in the future, China’s housing prices have formed such a high stagnation situation.

To study the reasons for this situation in the real estate market, we must first consider the characteristics of real estate as a commodity, which is the most basic reason why housing prices can rise so high. Secondly, we should proceed from the two essential market factors that affect the real estate market …

How do we solve the problem of high housing prices in China?

High housing prices are a silhouette of many contradictions since the reform and opening up. They not only involve urban development concepts, central and local financial power distribution, state-owned land supply systems, but also closely related to income distribution patterns, economic restructuring, and credit.

High housing prices are a direct manifestation of the imbalance between market efficiency and public interest. To solve the problem of high housing prices, we must adhere to the “location of the house is used to live, not for speculation,” The combination of policy tools, long-term mechanism to stabilize the purchase of housing expectations, administrative control to stabilize short-term prices, the formation of a “long gun and short gun” combination of balanced policy firepower, in order to get out of the real estate regulation of the past ten years, the more the price is higher.

  1. Strengthening market supervision in the short term and eliminating the “panic” purchase expectation

In 2016, housing prices in some cities skyrocketed. Apart from the need for just needed and improved demand, more demand was released in advance and improved demand. Under the strong expectation that housing prices are about to skyrocket, some real estate development companies are “selling for reluctance to …

Solve the problem of left-behind children and test the development conscience

In the process of urbanization, the rural areas gradually become a kind of accessory from the supply side of resources, and the generation of left-behind children is a vivid footnote of the status of such “accessories”. Under the difficulty of maintaining the original urban-rural relationship, it is time to construct a new type of urban-rural relationships, such as allowing the “urban back to the countryside” to be more fully embodied. In this kind of feedback, the first priority should be to focus on the “person”, and left-behind children are the top priority. In the context of macroeconomic problems that are difficult to solve at one time, such “going to do” seems complicated, but in the end, it is only the “conscience of development”, that is, whether the development of “human” is in the priority position of the development sequence.

As a problem that has always existed in Chinese society, left-behind children are now attracting more and more attention from society. Left-behind children generally refer to foster care, and the latest investigation by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the ancestral (outside) parents accompany 89.3%. These old people are old and debilitated, and their educational level is not high. In many places, …

Sharing the top ten issues in society

Over the past 30 years of reform and opening up, the achievements have been outstanding. At the same time, all kinds of social problems go hand in hand, where to go where to go. There are ten major problems, and it is worthwhile for the ruling party to reflect on its ruling ideas. Because these problems are not solved well, they will greatly confuse our society. These top ten problems are food safety, housing prices, prices, corruption, education, vicious car accidents, environmental protection, accidents, and demolitions.

  • Food safety

After a series of food safety incidents, food safety that has attracted close attention from senior government officials should be the biggest social problem facing China. It can be said that food safety is some undifferentiated terrorist activities with Facebook. Such terrorist activities, regardless of gender, wealth, status, urban and rural groups, see one kill one, borrow a lyric from the national anthem, called “the Chinese nation has reached the most crisis moment”, because, in such food safety and terrorism activities, people’s physical and mental qualities are greatly reduced. There is no doubt that the trauma caused by food safety to Chinese society is the same as that of opium, or greater …

Sharing little knowledge about social issues

The social problem is one of the important areas of sociological research. It refers to the disorder of social relations, affecting the common life of members of society, undermining normal social activities and hindering the social development of social coordinated development. Social problems aren’t only an objective existence situation, but also a product of people’s subjective construction; a situation that is perceived and perceived by people; a situation that needs to be solved due to conflicts of values, norms and interests; it is the actual state of society and the gap between social expectations. Social issues reflect different content in various eras. In contemporary times, the most prominent social problems are population issues, ecological and environmental issues, labor and employment issues, integrity issues, juvenile delinquency, and aging issues.

  1. Population problems

The population issue is one of the most important social issues in the world and is at the heart of many contemporary social issues. Although its specific performance varies from country to country, its essence is mainly the imbalance of population reproduction and material data reproduction. If the population growth exceeds economic growth, it will lead to overpopulation. Taking China as an example, all the problems encountered in current social …

What profound changes have taken place in the real world?

While focusing on economic construction and accelerating the construction of material civilization, how to pay more attention to the construction of human spiritual civilization and political civilization and to form mutual promotion, coordination and harmonious development of the economy, politics, culture, and environment are fundamental issues for further construction.

The spiritual state of a social public and the improvement of its ideological culture, in addition to the protection of laws and institutions, fundamentally depend on the public’s recognition and practice of the social values system. Since the 18th National Congress, Chinese society has experienced a reflection on the past social spirit and ideological culture. In the process, Chinese leaders gradually cleared the source and found the real problems of society. In terms of spiritual culture, China has gradually explored a path of ideological and cultural development that conforms to Chinese characteristics.

Since the 18th National Congress, many changes have taken place in the spiritual state and ideological culture of the Chinese real society. Mainly in the following aspects: First of all, from the strict governance of the party and anti-corruption actions to present a new social climate. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the Party …